Shelley’s ability to synthesize quantitative data with qualitative feedback and distill it into concise, effective initiatives is incredibly valuable. Shelley and her team rock. You’d be dumb to use anyone else.—Lauren, MarshBerry

As an African American, I thought my equity and inclusion lens related to my practice was clear. Through my work with Shelley, I found I had room for improvement, and continue to do so. I believe in Shelley.—August, Fluker Consulting

I’ve worked with Shelley Freed and her colleagues on several projects—they have been subcontractors to us on client engagements and have consulted with our firm. What I appreciate most is the deep, strategic thinking and straightforward, results-oriented processes they develop. In all circumstances, the end product has moved the needle forward for both our company and our clients.—Laura, Emerald Built Environments

Shelley is an asset to our company.  She has worked to improve communication among employees, professionally develop individuals in their roles, administer and analyze DISC assessments for all our employees and she provides insightful feedback to smooth out sticky situations.  She is knowledgeable, a great listener and offers well thought out solutions.—Laura, coaching client

Shelley has been a phenomenal coach to myself and others on my team. In working with Shelley, I’ve learned more effective ways to communicate with clients and team members and have improved my professional presentation skills. She is a great listener and offers incredible advice from her many years of working with different clients. Shelley’s ability to look at issues through different perspectives is exceptional, and has helped me better understand challenges that I face on a day-to-day basis.—Justin, coaching client

I had the good fortune of working with Shelley Freed on a project involving community visioning in late 2021 and early 2022.  Her approach to complex conversations is smart and honest.  She brought a level of integrity and empathy necessary to create spaces where all involved felt heard, seen, and welcome.  She has a knack for staying on track but is nimble enough to know when pivots are necessary.   Working with Shelley was a pleasure.  I would highly recommend her to others and will surely seek opportunities to work with her again. —Colleen, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

When I have worked with re, what always strikes me is Shelley’s ability to listen to clients. Patiently. Closely. Carefully. And then connect what she has learned to what the client needs to know and do it in a way that makes sense from the client’s perspective so they can make a decision, with confidence. —Troy, KnowHow Strategy

We heavily prioritize culture as a primary differentiator within our organization. Shelley has helped us hire new team members by providing critical insight into their DISC profile and how a candidate might best fit in. On an ongoing basis, Shelley helps our team members better understand their own communication styles and as a result this has dramatically improved team cohesion.—Travis, Ashton Technology Solutions

As an architect, the transition to leadership has been self-taught and challenging. Shelley’s work with me one-on-one has strengthened my confidence to lead our team through a constant call towards accountability. Her work has given me permission to lead in the moments where I find myself hesitating. —Alex, City Architecture

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