Transform ambiguity into clarity.

At (re)startsmart, we guide, frame and activate strategic change that results in purposeful, focused growth.

How many of the best laid strategic growth plans sit on the shelf collecting dust?

We don’t like dust.

Let’s change the way we think about strategic growth plans and branding and consulting engagements. Try this.

What if the value of a strategic plan, a new logo or website isn’t as much about the deliverable? What if the value is in the process?

Success is NOT about what we write down on paper, it’s about actually doing something new or different.

At (re)startsmart, I promise that you’ll get the plan, the logo, the website, or whatever the deliverable happens to be. Most importantly, we facilitate the work that is truly valuable by defining the right focus WITH your team and evolving how and what you do through the project engagement.

Get ready to think and do bigger and better things.
Let’s (re)start smart.

Shelley Freed
Chief Learner, Strategist & Coach

Expert at transforming ambiguity into strategic clarity, re promotes purposeful growth by connecting passionate vision with the operations to make it happen.  Our inclusive approach empowers teams to define, own, and build new success. 

Shelley facilitates groups and company culture summits, as well as leads mission/vision/core values exercises across the country.  She is a creative problem solver and collaborative leader who challenges her clients to think, do, and be greater.

The re process is grounded in the core values connect, learn, and do.  The work results in informed decision-making, a roadmap to move forward, and enthusiastic ownership of next steps.  At re, success is defined by both the planning and activation of the work.

With 20+ years experience consulting and coaching with business and civic leaders, Shelley’s work is often part of strategic planning, launch plans, or new market positioning projects.

Client engagements focus on maximizing the unique value of a product, service, or place in order to achieve the visionary goals.  In addition to work in the entrepreneurial space, re has deep experience in the nonprofit sector and coordinating public-private partnerships.

(re)start smart

    “I am an idealist by nature.I am a realist by professional development and maturity.”


    Connect with people. Connect with information. Connect with ideas.

    At re,we do more than research and interview clients. We collaborate with our clients in a thoughtful engagement that uncovers relevant data, presents honest customer insights, and delivers workable strategies. We’ re your partner and catalyst in the process.


    We peel back the layers and uncover truths from multiple perspectives: customers, stakeholders, insiders. We find out what matters and why.

    We facilitate the hard conversations inside and outside of your organization because it helps you understand what’s most important to your business: the customer.


    At the end of the day, research and strategy are only valuable if we DO something with it.

    Our final product is palpable intelligence—genuine feedback that enables our clients to make informed decisions, accelerate and capture new business, and make a lasting impression on the market.

    It’s your business. Your brand. Your customers. Let’s do something meaningful.