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Troy Meinhard

Numbers Guy, Strategist & Coach

Troy is a frequent co-conspirator with re. He combines his finance, strategy and operations experience with a willingness to dig deep to help clients develop a deeper understanding of what matters most in their business. He paves the way for clients to pursue new paths with confidence. Armed with a collection of perspectives stemming from projects from across the country and globe, he sees connections between a wide variety of fields. His personal brand includes the ability to zero in on unique, but relevant, analogues that illustrate situations and prioritize opportunities. Project topics include: manufacturing windows; using GIS technology to find small hydropower sites in industrializing countries; developing innovative biomedical devices and pharmaceuticals; profiling the world-wide demand for scientific and technical content by academic and industry scientists; and,  growing revenue for industrial companies selling airplane hangar doors, cold-formed metal parts, truck lift gates, transportation safety products, and beverage equipment. While not a sure thing, the smart money is betting that he is currently coaching a youth baseball, soccer or wrestling team.