Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer

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Customers can and will tell you how to grow your business. Your clients are an invaluable asset for business planning, but are you tapping them for intelligence that will guide you down the right path?

Voice of a Customer is the cornerstone of what we do. While you know your customers best, they’re more likely to express themselves honestly to a third party (like us). Why? Because we know how to ask them the right questions. (We’re investigative journalists like that.) We’ve been told we have a gift for reading people, and we lead through emotional intelligence. What this means to you: A fresh, informative perspective from the people who matter to you the most.

Voice of a Customer is a deep-dive to uncover how customers perceive you. This is critical intelligence if you’re launching a product, rebranding or positioning your organization.


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In many ways, Voice of a Customer is the re sweet spot. We love nothing more than a deep research dive and a long, revealing chat with customers. Want to learn more about our process? Give us a call at 216.539.1196 or email.

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