New Product Launch Plan

New Product Launch Plans

reThink a Product Launch

How will a new product impact your business? Is your organization prepared to launch? At re, we take a comprehensive approach to product launch planning, from financial modeling to market research. With a rigorous, multi-faceted launch plan in place, you’ll optimize the launch so its success creates a positive ripple effect throughout your organization.

  • A re product launch plan includes:
  • Voice of a Customer analysis
  • Market research and competitive landscape
  • Pricing and financial modeling
  • Go-to-market plan, including cost analysis for start-up and ongoing expenses
  • Strategic direction for operationalizing the product as sales grow


reStart Now

Let’s talk about how re can propel your product launch with a complete plan that addresses every financial and marketing aspect of the process. We know, this is a lot to digest. Baby steps. Start by giving us a call at 216.539.1196 or email.

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