An on-target message is timeless. It speaks to you and your customers. It grows with you. It’s true to you. Landing that message requires soul searching, and we know it’s pretty tough to look in the mirror and see yourself in a true light. At re, we’re committed to helping our clients really see themselves. This is vision. And getting there is a journey that begins with deep research and interviews that re staff conducts with your key stakeholders.

Strong, on-point messaging is the product of fearless self-discovery. We walk you through that process, and it looks something like this:

  • Strategic, honest sessions with leadership and key team members
  • An insightful interview process guided by your contact recommendations
  • A compilation of data and feedback—the hard and soft stuff that tells your story
  • Key words that surface during conversations so you can nail your message every time
  • A thorough summary and focused strategy for implementation
  • A partnership. Because at re, we want to help you continue to grow and improve through ongoing reDiscovery.


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Are your customers getting the message? (If not, what are they getting?) Let’s find out. Give us a call at 216.539.1196 or email.

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